Cleaning metal surfaces by sandblasting

Sandblasting is a method of cleaning metal surfaces with materials such as sand, stones, small pebbles, which are shot out at a high speed through the mouth of the nozzle, which will impact the surface to clean rust and dirt. stick on it.

An abrasive grain size between 0.3 and 1.5 mm is the most effective tested size to meet prescribed standards, and is particularly effective when cleaning deeply recessed surfaces.

Whether surface preparation is highly effective, fast and economical depends on the degree of rust and porosity of the surface to be cleaned. A new, flat surface is certainly less expensive to clean than a rusty, heavily pitted surface.

Standards for cleaning metal surfaces

Metal surface preparation is one of the important and necessary jobs. Therefore, we need to understand the standards of cleaning metal surfaces.

Clean metal surfaces with sandblasting

Scraping methods, using a ferrule (manual methods) to clean metal surfaces are denoted by the letter “ST” (ST2; ST3). The method of cleaning metal surfaces by sandblasting is “SA” (SA 1; SA 2.5; SA 3). However, in practice, four types of levels are often used:

ST 3: Scrape, remove rust and stains with a wire brush with great care.However, in practice, four types of levels are often used: After cleaning the surface must have a shiny metal shine.

ST 2.0: Metal surface is cleaned by sandblasting technique. Rust stains are removed to reveal most of the substrate, then cleaned again with compressed air or a cleaning brush.

SA 2.5: The surface is thoroughly sandblasted, showing the original metal color. Rust stains are only in the form of streaks or fine threads. The surface is then cleaned with compressed dry air, or a clean flow table.

SA 3.0: Extremely sandblasted surface for pure metal. Completely remove rust and foreign matter. It is then cleaned with compressed dry air or a clean brush. The surface after sandblasting and cleaning will have a uniform metallic light color.


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