Ideal for trains, planes and automobiles.

Due to popular demand, we have expanded our line to include S2S Automotive Rust Proofing, a rust inhibitor formulated for car enthusiasts that provides the same long lasting protection our heavy marine customers have come to trust. At Ship 2 Shore, we understand the importance of protecting your assets from unsightly rust and pitting. If left untreated, rust spreads resulting in mechanical problems and costly repairs. Even during transport and storage equipment is susceptible to rust and corrosion.

S2S corrosion preventive solutions work by polar bonding to metal, like a magnet to steel, and creating a protective barrier that displaces water and oxygen. They penetrate and creep under existing rust providing complete coverage and long lasting lubrication S2S products prevent corrosion caused by dissimilar metals and have dielectric properties that enable them to shut down electrolysis.

All S2S products can be applied directly to rusted, painted and damp surfaces, are safe on rubber and electrical parts and require no curing time.

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