Every year, the payment for maintenance, maintenance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion of industrialized countries costs a huge amount.

In countries with hot and humid weather, it is a favorable condition for the process of corrosion and metal oxidation. Metal corrosion often makes buildings or machinery quickly degrade, reducing service life and ability to operate. Therefore, researchers and engineers have found measures to prevent metal corrosion such as: using anti-rust alloys, using anti-corrosion agents, using nano paints, especially using anti-corrosion bandages. metal wear.

Metal corrosion

Metal corrosion

  1. What causes metal corrosion?

Machinery and equipment after a long period of operation and use are often damaged or rusted. There are many causes of rust such as;

  • Wear due to the impact of friction between metal surfaces
  • Due to the chemical action between oxygen and air that occurs at high temperature
  • With items that must contain chemicals or machinery and equipment that must be exposed to salt water, left out in the air, for a long time, it is often easy to rust. Corrosion is a chemical reaction between a metal and the environment it is in contact with. Produces an electric current in the metal.

Depending on the causes of corrosion in metals, we have different anti-corrosion solutions.

2. Some measures against corrosion:

2.1 Anti-corrosion of metal by electrochemical method

This method is to use another sheet of metal connected to the metal to be protected, most people use an attached sheet. When the device works, the zinc plate is gradually corroded, after a while people will replace it with another zinc plate.

With this method, it is necessary to carefully investigate the chemicals in the metal contact field, temperature and pressure conditions, etc., and then come up with the most optimal solution.

2.2 Anti-corrosion of metals by the use of anti-corrosion agents

This is a way to use substances that inhibit the corrosion of metal surfaces. With the current development, people have made hundreds of anti-corrosion substances.

2.3 Anti-corrosion of metals by using anti-rust alloys:

This method of preventing metal corrosion is quite expensive, so its use is still limited.

2.4 Anti-corrosion of metal by using Nano Premera T2 . Paint

Nano Premera T2 paint is researched and manufactured under modern American technology. Paint is resistant to corrosion and prevents the corrosion process. Helps prolong the life of devices, does not harm any materials, is easy to use and easily penetrates deep into the smallest details that other technologies cannot do.

2.5 Anti-corrosion of metal by using anti-corrosion cuffs Metal S2S Plip Tape

Anti-Corrosion S2S Plid Tape is an industrial wax-based bandage impregnated with high performance S2S corrosion inhibitor, providing long lasting metal surface protection up to 10 years.

S2S Plid tape provides long-lasting adhesion to metal surfaces without the need for a primer.

Simple application process, low surface preparation required. Unlike other bandages, which require 50 -55% overlap, S2S Plid tape requires 30% overlap, saving considerable time and cost.

Solution against metal corrosion with S2S Plid Tape

Solution against metal corrosion with S2S Plid Tape

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