About S2S Plid Tape . Wax-Based Anti-Corrosion Tape

This is an industrial wax-based bandage impregnated with a high-performance, long-lasting rust inhibitor.

The s2s wax-based anti-corrosion tape provides long-lasting adhesion to metal surfaces and specifically requires no primer.

The construction process is simple, just clean the surface of the material, then wrap the anti-corrosion tape directly on the material. Helps save time and costs.

Application of wax-based anti-corrosion bandage s2s

Features of S2S Plid Tape . anti-corrosion cuff

  • Flexible, flexible
  • Non-toxic
  • Water proof
  • Do not use liner
  • Long-lasting adhesion, no shrinkage and cracking
  • Applicable on the ground
  • High performance, long lasting rust protection
  • Can be applied on surface. moisture, water movement, on rusty surface
  • Fits irregular metal shapes and textures


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