Maintaining the structural integrity of the rig foot structure has been and continues to be a major challenge for the owners, maintaining the structural integrity of the rig foot structure requires a lot of effort and maintenance campaigns. maintain regularly.

Causes of rig foot damage

One of the causes of damage and damage to the rig’s foot in the sea is due to the invasion of marine microorganisms. If not addressed in time, marine microorganisms can seriously affect the life of the rig. The growth of marine microorganisms on the surface of the rig base structure together with the continuous wave motion can place excessive loads on the structure and lead to damage to the rig.

Populations of marine life such as: barnacles, oysters, corals, plankton clinging to the surface layer create an unwanted load on the rig legs. Their development is mainly concentrated in the wave area. , combined with the force of sea waves causes the phenomenon of fouling, which reduces the service life, causing damage to the rig’s foot.

Anti-damage solutionrig foot

With our experience in the field of marine engineering, we have brought to the market the Anti-Grading Ring (MGP – I) product line, which is the world’s most economical offshore structure protection solution, based on energy efficiency. waves and tides. The MGP-I is designed in circles to fit into rig stands, crossbars, risers, etc. for the purpose of removing and preventing barnacles and marine organisms from adhering to metal surfaces.

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