Oil-based anti-corrosion bandages

Is a bandage made of cloth impregnated with oil and grease to form a double-sided adhesive tape.

S2S Plid Tape . Wax-Based Anti-Corrosion Tape

This is a type of bandage manufactured with fabric fibers impregnated with industrial waxes and high performance anti-corrosion and anti-rust inhibitors, forming a highly flexible double-sided adhesive bandage.

Compare the difference between oil-based anti-corrosion cuff and S2S Plid Tape . wax-based cuff

Both types of products have in common that they help prevent corrosion of metal surfaces, protect metal surfaces from corrosive agents due to environmental conditions, weather, chemicals, …

Wax-based bandage s2s Plid Tape

  • High flexibility and flexibility
  • Non-toxic
  • Water proof
  • Do not use liner
  • Long-lasting adhesion, no shrinkage, no hardening and no cracking
  • High performance, long lasting rust protection
  • Can be applied on wet, wet, and rusty surfaces
  • Matches irregular metal shapes and textures
  • High aesthetics

S2S . Wax-Based Wraps

Oil-based bandages

Oil-based anti-corrosion bandages

  • Poor flexibility
  • Compatible with surfaces such as pipes, joints, T-joint
  • Strong impact resistance
  • It is necessary to use a primer when using
  • High shrinkage, easy to harden in harsh weather
  • Average lightning resistance
  • Apply on high temperature surface
  • Low aesthetic


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