Stains, rust stains, … can lose the ability of paint to adhere to the surface to be painted. The coating of paint on the surface of the material without proper cleaning and preparation will not create a solid foundation, protect the metal surface, against environmental corrosion and the influence of chemicals. other chemicals. Therefore, we need to clean the metal surface before painting.

Contaminated paint surface will cause the adhesion between paint layers to decrease, increase the permeability of water, leading to damage to the surface to be protected. The purpose of helping is for stains and rust to be cleaned, increased adhesion and high anti-corrosion performance.

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Clean with iron brush: Simple manual method, easy to apply at all ages and locations. However, it is not suitable and suitable for processing welds. And one downside to using this technique is that it’s easy to make the surface hot. This reduces the adhesion of the primer to the substrate.

Cleaning with high pressure water spray: This method is used to remove old, near-dirty paint layers with pressures from 1,700 bar – 2,000 bar (25,000 – 30,000 psi).

Clean with wet sandblasting:cleaned with a mixture of water and sand under high pressure. Used to treat large rust patches. After cleaning the wet steel surface, it should be wiped dry before painting. The advantage of this method is that it does not pollute the environment because there is no dust.

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Clean with dry sandblasting: This is a commonly used method, the surface quality is very high. Rust stains and dirt are completely removed and the surface is well roughened, the adhesion of the paint layer is improved significantly. Contrary to wet sandblasting, this method pollutes the environment.

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