Anti-heat nano coating for greenhouses saves money on running air conditioners

With the revolution in nanotechnology, scientists have developed a transparent, colorless paint that allows painting on glass and hardens quickly & forming a thin film that adheres to the surface of the glass. The main advantages need to be mentioned:

  • Lower prices.
  • Reduce very little natural brightness from the outside.
  • Applicable to a wide range of glass surfaces, including convex and convex glass surfaces.
  • Long lasting because of similar physical and chemical properties with glass.
  • Execute quickly and can be applied with a mist, brush or roller.

Lớp phủ Nano chống nóng cho nhà kính – Ứng dụng của công nghệ màng phủ nano

Công nghệ màng phủ nano thuỷ tinh lỏng là một phát hiện mới trong lĩnh vực công nghệ nano. Màng nano thủy tinh lỏng đang được ứng dụng nhiều và đạt được hiệu quả cao trong các lĩnh vực nông nghiệp, y học, thời trang, xây dựng,… và đang làm cuộc cách mạng hoá thay đổi những tồn tại mà hàng ngày con người đang phải đối mặt.

Heat-resistant nano coating for greenhouses – Application of nano coating technology

Liquid glass nano nanotechnology is a new discovery in the field of nanotechnology. Liquid glass nano membranes are being applied a lot and are highly effective in the fields of agriculture, medicine, fashion, construction, … and are revolutionizing the changes that exist everyday. are facing.

Greenhouse heatproof nano coating – What types of safety glass are available?

Safety glass is manufactured in many different shapes such as flat glass, bent, painted, painted, glazed, honed … and also approved the process of processing, trimming to become different designs and sizes. together. Safety glass includes the following types: safety reflective glass, tempered safety glass, tinted safety glass … With each different type will fit in with the purpose as well as the aesthetic needs of each customer.


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