Solar cells positioned in the right direction on the roof will achieve optimum efficiency and performance. However, the performance of the battery is greatly reduced when the battery surface is dusty. The types of dust sticking on the battery such as coal dust, exhaust dust, sand dust, rock dust, metal dust, artificial dust, pollen … Over time this layer of dust will thicken and obscure the battery surface, obstructing turning the process of converting solar energy into electricity.

NANO BATTERY SOLAR BATTERY is the most effective solution for cleaning battery surface. Save 80% on cleaning costs, increase up to 35% efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity, protect the battery surface from environmental damage and limit danger when climbing on the roof of the battery toilet.

According to the statistics of the Japan Clean Energy Association, the actual capacity of batteries will be reduced by 25 – 45% without regular cleaning of the battery surface. Actual statistics show that 5 grams of dust deposited on the surface of a 1 m2 wide battery plate reduces 40% of the efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity.

The amount of charge collected in a year of a NANO-covered battery is twice as much dust-resistant as an uncoated panel.

Dirt significantly reduces the ability to convert solar energy into electricity.

Similar research shows battery performance improves slightly after it rains. However, organic dust and exhaust gas have very high adhesion. When attached to the surface of the battery, it is often difficult to wash away and attach to other types of dust, increasing the amount of dust that accumulates on the battery.


Manual cleaning methods should prepare equipment such as:

Ladder to reach the roof.
Soft bristle brush with long handle
Soft sponge or squeegee rubber with long handle
Wide bottom bucket
Liquid soap solution
Shoes with non-slip soles.
Safety equipment if needed.
The climb to the roof for cleaning is dangerous because the roof has a certain height and angle of inclination to the ground, the battery support frame may be damaged after use. But if you do not regularly clean the battery very quickly will be back dust. Cleaning the surface of the battery is also important because we should spend family holidays rather than planning to clean the battery.

Nanotech Vietnam is an Authorized agent of Sketch Vietnam, ( one of the leading companies in the field of Nano technology research and development in construction industry. All Sketch products are highly applicable, notably IRUV Insulated Glass Products.

NANO BATTERY COATING ON THE ROOF makes it difficult for dirt to cling onto the battery surface, easily swept away by wind and rainwater, or decomposed into CO2 and water under sunlight. Works with most types of dust such as coal dust, exhaust dust, sand dust, rock dust, metal dust, artificial dust, pollen, bird droppings, insect remains …

Save 80% of time and cleaning costs.
Up to 35% efficiency in converting solar energy into electricity.
Anti-light reflection should retain most light particles shining on the battery, increasing battery performance.
Protects the battery surface from weather damage, self-cleaning ability reduces the number of scouring, avoid scratches when cleaning.
Products made from inorganic substances. Using SKETCH’s modern NANO technology, the NANO coating is only 100 – 200 nm (1/10 million meters) thin, but after covering the battery, it will become hard as rock. Difficulty melting or affected by temperature.
Safe to use, environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances to health.
Product life is over 15 years. Nanotech Vietnam’s construction works are more than 10 years old but still retain features and surface quality. This is why SKETCH products are available in 35 countries around the world.
After 10 – 15 years of coating, it is easy to remove the coating with a specialized solution of Sketch to cover or clean the surface with water and apply another thin layer.
Reasonable price due to the integration of modern technologies, high-yield production lines and large volumes of production.
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