Nano paint against heat on corrugated iron roofs and walls is a pure Acrylic compound, in the form of a premium emulsion combining Nano particles with a special production formula. The product has excellent heat-reducing properties on the surface of the corrugated iron roof / wall to keep buildings such as workshops, warehouses, and houses cool.

Products are made in Vietnam by Japanese technology


  • Heat stress : Reduce from 12 – 26 degrees C on the surface of the material.
  • Anti-noise : Helps reduce noise by up to 30% compared to outside (approximately 150 Hz)
  • Anti-rust: the ability to effectively prevent rust, increase the life of the corrugated iron roof.
  • Waterproofing: The paint film is 300% elastic, creating an effective water-blocking function.
  • Economic efficiency: Low investment costs, reduce power consumption costs, save electricity costs up to 20%.
  • Protect health : UV resistant, reflects 85.7% of sunlight, does not accumulate heat.